Department of Nanotechnology and Advanced Materials Engineering

In today’s society, the development of all advanced science and technology fields such as automobiles, aerospace, shipbuilding, heavy chemical industry, energy industry, semiconductors, and electric/electronic industry is impossible without the development of new and/or advanced materials. Nanotechnology and advanced materials technology, which are recognized as one of the 21st century’s key technologies, deals with all materials from conventional bulk materials to nano-scale materials (nm, 10-9 meter). Based on basic sciences such as physics, chemistry, and mathematics, the Department of Nanotechnology and Advanced Materials Engineering covers a wide range of topics including the design of materials, the analysis of materials’ extrinsic/intrinsic properties, and the study of manufacturing processes for metals, ceramics, semiconductors, and polymers which are used in various fields such as machinery, steel, aviation, space, electronics, energy, environmental, and medicine. 

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